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Anyone can do an Amateur website design these days…some pictures and images on the internet that will languish on the 9th or 10th page of Google Results. GOOD WEBSITE DESIGN for a start is the ability to get a First Page Google Rank. At Ableweb we guarantee in writing a First Page Google Result .
Good Website Design is an ALL-IN-ONE Package: a modern, mobile responsive website with INBUILT SEO which is designed to target a First Page Google Rank for a chosen set of keywords, 24/7 support and a solid and safe HOSTING platform.

ONSITE SEO must be included in a good website design to get the jump on your competition and rank on the first page of Google. This is achieved through a targeted keyword campaign which includes correct Keyword placement in the URL, title, headings H1,H2,H3, image alt tags, meta descriptions etc. Sitemap submission to Google, Bing etc and in MANY OTHER WAYS. If you are NOT getting this as part of your design you are WASTING your MONEY because you will not achieve a First Page Google Ranking! In fact without a targeting a set of keywords your website may well enter cyberspace and never be found again!

At Ableweb we know how to turn a website which is receiving no visits into the powerhouse lead pulling machine it should be…it takes some hard work and SEO know-how… but you will pleasantly surprised with the results.

All staff members of Ableweb work from home offices based in Merrylands and we are happy to travel to your Sydney business for a meeting and FREE quote. We also welcome clients from around Australia. Call for a FREE SEO Audit of your existing website and make sure you are getting a good website design…  0410 368 782 R. Goodwin.

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How to get your website ranking on google
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Good Website Design Explained

QUESTION: How to get your website to rank on the FIRST PAGE of Google guaranteed?

ANSWER: Good website design!

1. Modern design and mobile responsive.
2. High Quality keyword research and application.
2. SEO-friendly Copywriting.
3. Manual Outreach Link Building.


‘Become the Wikipedia of your industry’ & ‘Content is KING’ – this is good website design!

Since the introduction of Google’s algorithm update Penguin on April 24, 2012, the single best piece of advice to any website owner who wishes to accelerate the SEO of their pages with good website design is to WRITE WELL. Writing well (high quality, lengthy and informative content) with correct keyword usage accounts for up to 75% of your position on the Search Engine Results Page (SEPR). The other 25% can be accounted for in other ways such as manually built inbound links from authority websites and other on-site SEO. See beginners guide to link building.


SEO Copywriting is good website design

When writing for SEO every page/blog post should have:

  • An Introduction/Aim where you introduce and define your topic.
  • A Body in which the main message is written
  • A Conclusion in which you summarize the most important ideas or deduce a new idea.
  • Headings and subheadings (Some of which include keywords)
  • Length optimisation. Google likes lengthy articles (minimum 300 words). Ideally up to 1500-2500 words. 1-2% should be target keywords.
  • Link to previous content (shows Google you are an authority on the subject). This is your references.
  • Regularly added content is good website design (shows Google your website is alive and functional). If your website does not stay fresh Googlebot’s will not crawl it as often and your website will be less appealing to Google to include in search results.
  • Your carefully chosen target keywords (high/medium competition or long tail) should appear in 5 locations and have density 1-2% (1-2 words per 100). 1. The article heading. 2. The title of the page. 3. The URL of the page. 4. The content of the article. 5. The meta-description.


Good website design is…..Ranking on the first page of Google.

Good website design is…..Modern design and mobile responsive.

Good website design is…..High quality keyword research and application including competitor analysis.

Good website design is…..SEO friendly copywriting (lengthy, informative)

Good website design is…..Manual outreach link building.

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