The Biggest YouTube Stars in each Country 2016

The Biggest YouTube Stars in each Country 2016

At Ableweb we have constructed a map of the world which shows the 12 BIGGEST YouTube Stars in 2016 by Nationality.

The Stars were chosen by number of subscribers with data collected from which holds a wealth of data on YouTube users around the world.

Could you be a YouTube Star….?

As you can see on the map these Stars pull an incredible income from their work however the reality for most people trying to make a living from YouTube alone is probably more difficult as Business Insider Australia reports.

Income is most likely around $12 per 1000 views and that is before YouTube take a cut.

Many of the most popular and subscribed to YouTube channels are from Toy Unboxing Companies with other popular categories including gaming, comedy and how to.

YouTube is a very popular form of entertainment in 2016.

Before we present the 12 Biggest YouTube Stars in 12 Countries around the world a special mention must go to our favorite YouTuber FrankieonPcin1080p. Frankie’s bio states he attempts to play FPS games as if he is the hero of an action movie. With his mate Sada tagging along they achieve this in spades!
Watch them raid bases in DayZ and Rust…

Ok so this is….

12 Biggest YouTube Stars in each Country around the world 2016.

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12 Biggest YouTube Stars around the world 2016 by Ablewebsydney

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