Website Ranking. Rebuilding for increased traffic. Part 1. Cherrybrook Plumbing.

Website Ranking. Rebuilding for increased traffic. Part 1. Cherrybrook Plumbing.

In this post and the following in the series I want to show you how to ‘get your website ranking on Google’ I will be using our current project to give you examples of each tactic/technique we employ along the way. At the end of the series we will see a marked difference in the performance of the website and hence the leads and traffic for this business.

A note on the value of traffic…

This is what people click on AFTER they enter a search in Google.

“71.33% of searches resulted in a page one Google organic click. Page two and three get only 5.59% of the clicks. On the first page alone, the first 5 results account for 67.60% of all the clicks and the results from 6 to 10 account for only 3.73%.”

***the balance of clicks are non-organic clicks eg. On Google AdWords Ads. Not many clicks on AdWords are there? No. People prefer organic not paid results. Another reason to chase a good ranking in organic search.

To get your website ranking on Google means you should strive to achieve a top 3 result in organic search.

This data was taken from Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries reports from large accounts back in July 2014. You can read the comprehensive study here.


The website that we will discuss and our current project is

How to get your website ranking on google

This site has (in its original state) very poor desktop and mobile design and ranks on Google, Yahoo and Bing for plumbing only in Cherrybrook for Keyword ‘Cherrybrook Plumbing’. It does not rank in any other areas or for any other keywords. It has very little content and probably ranks only due to the number of reviews that exist on the Google Business Page (This is the best feature going for this business by far!). On the plus side it is on an SEO friendly WordPress template and has a clean link profile (no Google or Bing penalties).

Before I gained access to the website I discovered it was built on a WordPress Template which is an encouraging sign. WordPress is purpose built for success in SEO as it originated as a Blogging framework.

Without access to a site you can find out whether a website is using a Worpress template and which template is being used by going to

Theme Details for

WordPress theme detected is called prostyler-theme

There is a lot we can do to improve this site and it’s Google Business and Google+ pages. The combined result will be increased website traffic, more leads and jobs for the business…In the process of following along our efforts with this website we hope you will learn how to get your website ranking on Google as well.

My initial thoughts/plan are as follows:

Step 1

Migrate the site to Quadra servers and change WordPress theme to an Ableweb custom. Clean up design and add SEO friendly content. Informative, lengthy. This website needs to become the ‘wikipedia’ of plumbing. Google looks for websites and ranks them based on how well they provide information which answers the search question or query. ‘Content is King’ has never been more true than in 2016 chasing a First page Google result. To get your website ranking on Google you must provide comprehensive, lengthy and informative content. The minimum words to achieve on each page/post is 300. In reality and to compete with other pages for highly competitive keywords such as ‘sydney plumber’ (High competitive, 210 searches per month for Sydney area) you should aim for 2500-3000 words per page. You can find the search volumes for any keywords by using keyword planner which is part of Google Adwords.

Step 2

Build pages which will rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing in services areas eg. Galston, Dural. Keywords to target are eg ‘Galston Plumbing’ etc. These pages should be informative, not just ‘thin pages’ which are now frowned upon by the Google search algorithm. To get your website ranking on Google you will need to find and target relevant keywords for your industry. These keywords also need to be conversion keywords ie. Keywords that your potential customers are entering in order to find your service.

Step 3

Improve Google Business and Google+ pages for the business. Google Business drives a lot of traffic to your website and should be optimised and updated frequently. Google Business traffic will often check the Google+ Page. In this case it is very poor and can be improved a lot with fresh content. To get your website ranking in Google you should have a strong Google Business page and associated Google+ page. The ranking strength of these pages influences your website strength and local ranking strength and visa versa. Google business pages can build strength by:

  1. Having a strong website associated
  2. Business details submitted to many (try for 20) business directories. See here for the top 20 Australia Business directories 2016.
  3. Customer reviews and Ratings
  4. A good Google+ page which is updated frequently with fresh content.

In the case of our client They have many customer reviews (good). A weak website (bad). Entry to some business directories (ok). A poor Google+ page (bad).

Step 4,5,6,7…..

Ideas at the moment would be to pursue a Google, Bing, Yahoo rank for other long tail keywords, add a Blog with fresh content. Create links with other industry relevant sites.

A note on competition

The competition websites competing for plumbing jobs and SERP (search engine results page) rank with this one have only a few inbound links. I will explore this further however building a number of high quality inbound links from industry relevant sites may be enough to get ranking very nicely…

A note on timeframe.

While the prospects for raising this site up SERP rankings is extremely good it does take time for Google, Bing, Yahoo to index and rank new content. has been dormant and it will take some encouragement to get it going. In the mean time improving the Google Business and Google+ pages is a high priority.

This was Part 1 in the series of ‘how to get your website ranking on Google’. See you next time…

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