SEO: How you can be a Google Rankings Super Giant

SEO: How you can be a Google Rankings Super Giant

At we have created an infographic which offers some powerful tools for you to use as you tune your site’s on-site and off-site SEO.

Below are 12 powerful ACTIONS you can take right now with clickable links followed by the infographic.

Performing any of these actions will raise your web profile, improve your site’s SEO and increase your site’s Google Ranking ability.


Discover and improve your site’s load speed.
Why: A fast load time increases User experience and Google Ranking ability
How: Enter site URL at

Find your Domain Authority
Why: If your DA is stronger than your competitors you will Rank above them.
How: Enter your site’s URL at

Discover who is linking to you
Why: Sites with high DA linking to you increase your DA
How: Enter your site’s URL at

Discover who is linking to your competitors
Why: Shows who is prepared to link to site’s of your business category.
How: Enter competitors URL at

Enter your site in Local Directories.
Why: People trust and search for local services. It raises your Google Local Rank position.
Tip:  Ensure consistent Name, Address, Phone. (NAP).

Make your site mobile responsive.
Why: A vast majority of people search for a new service on the closest thing to hand.
How: Use a modern WordPress theme.

Like and retweet people on Twitter.
Why: This ‘poke’ often leads to a follow or profile check.
Tip:  There are paid services which will do this automatically for you

Perform a Free Onsite SEO Audit.
Why: Shows which On-site areas you can improve on.
How or Sinium SEO (Android app).

Build backlinks by creating a valuable piece of content eg. An infographic like this.
Why: If others use it on their site with credit to you, you gain a backlink.
How: email or contact site’s in your industry and/or with links to your competitors sites and ask!

Curate content for your blog
Why: Adds value and content to your site that brings traffic.
How: Include infographics and summaries of other people’s content on your blog. Always credit and link to source.

Find heavily searched topics and keywords in your industry
Why: Target and address these topics and keywords in your content
How: Google Autocorrect, Related Searches (bottom of Google search page),

Track your keywords with a keyword tracker.
Tip: SERPmojo (Android app) is free.




How you can be a Google Rankings Super Giant by Ableweb

  1. Hey Rowan,
    Good short sharp tips here & thanks for the mention of our SEO audit tool!

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