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Was $990 now $790 (starter)

Was $1700 now $1590 (business)

Modern, Mobile Responsive– The vast majority of people are now searching for new services/products such as ‘Web Design Merrylands’ on Mobile Phones and Tablets. Your Website must be responsive to this (user friendly, for easy navigation and view-ability on smaller screen. Australian Web Design Company Ableweb uses a highly customisable modified WordPress Theme which has INBUILT SEO. WordPress is the best platform for SEO Website Builds and Provides Endless Stunning design features. Check out the DEMO version here and imagine your website as a modified version of what you see.

CMS, Client access– At Ableweb Web Design Merrylands we like you to have control of your content. Through the Content Management System you can make blog entries, change fonts, pictures, text, layout etc. Or leave it to us. Training provided and 24/7 support from R.Goodwin.

Pages– A Website will usually have a least the following pages: Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact. This will depend on your particular line of business however. The design process is client inclusive. We listen to what you need. What is your website for? Are you selling a product? Do you want to provide information or direct traffic to a particular source? Your website’s purpose will drive the design process and outcome.

Expert Copywriting– The 2012 update to Googles Index Bot’s Algorithm means that Websites with clever, informative, lengthy copywriting are heavily favoured by the Search Engine ranking system. In other words. ‘Content is King’, ‘Become the Wikipedia of your industry’. To have a high SERP- Search Engine Page Rank you must have EXPERT COPYWRITING. R.Goodwin at Ableweb is an Industry Leader in Clever Copywriting.

Discounted SEO Starter Kit is available with Web Design and Build.  A Website should have a long and prosperous  lifetime. Don’t get stuck with a cheap build or a Web Design Company that doesn’t understand what it takes to Design AND SEO.

Web Design Merrylands. Professional Locals. 

Web Design Merrylands

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Web Design Merrylands are based Locally and offer a range of Web Design and SEO services. Ableweb Web Design Merrylands are Professional Locals offering Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Hosting, Site Migration, Backlink building services and Google Business Local Search Optimisation. Our Services.

Top 2 Ways to get your Merrylands Business on the First Page of Google. We can do it for you guaranteed.


  1. Keyword targeted, Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Website
  2. Google Business Optimisation (Yes there is a lot more you can do).


Ableweb Web Design Merrylands

Keyword targeted, Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Website

At Ableweb Web Design Merrylands we want you to realise that a nice looking website with pictures, text, sliders etc will NOT rank on Google or provide you with any new business leads unless it is correctly SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISED (SEO)’ed.

This can be done in many ways such as optimising URL’s, Titles, meta-tags and Copywrite for keywords important to your industry. Each Page on your site can be optimised for a different set of keywords specifically chosen to bring you business. For a better understanding please read Beginners-guide-to-SEO.


If you wish to rank on the first page of Google for eg. Plumbing. You must include the keyword Plumbing in all the above areas + in 1-2% of your copywrite. However an SEO analysis of the competition (FREE of charge) may show ‘Plumbing’ may be a highly competitive keyword to rank for in all of Sydney so it would be better to target and optimise for ‘Merrylands Drainage Services or Merrylands Plumbing’. You could then target other suburbs in your surrounding area and appear on the First page of Google results for eg. Greystanes Plumber, Granville Plumber etc.

This Page targets the Keywords ‘Web Design Merrylands’. Chances are you found the page you are reading now by entering ‘Web Design Merrylands’ into Google search – proof enough that this can work for your website?

If the strength of your website needs a boost then Ableweb can help you build some Links to your site. Links are the roads that customers travel to get to your site. The more links (roads) the more customers. This is called backlink building. Often only a few of these links have the power to raise your site traffic dramatically.

Google Business Optimisation at Web Design Merrylands (Yes there is a lot more you can do).

Most Business know the power of Google Business. It is a way of appearing on the First page of Google for your local area. If your site is strong enough, Google Business might appear above all other competitors for your industry.


Google sees your Google Business as a culmination of your presence on the web. The more times Google finds your business details (and they match) the better the strength. For example there are many free business directories where you can list your business eg. superpages, hi-pages, yellowpages, truelocal. For a list of the best directories to be in please see my post below. These directories will give your Google Business Ranking Power.

Top 20 Best Australian Local Service Directories 2016 by R.Goodwin at Web Design Merrylands.

The 2nd way to increase your Google Business Ranking is to increase the power and authority of your website. i.e to follow the 1st option on this page. On Google everything that is yours on the web works together for a combined web strength. For more information on this topic please read Optimizing-your-Google-Business.


Call Ableweb today for a FREE SEO audit of your existing website or for help to raise the Authority and Ranking of your website and Google Business.

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